With Musket and Tomahawk

With Musket and Tomahawk
By Michael O. Logusz
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Total Pages: 437
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”...brilliantly written, meticulously researched, vivid and well balanced account highlighting the four month struggle in the pivotal year of 1777 during the American Revolutionary War.” (Auburn)

Publisher's Description:

A comprehensive look at the brutal wilderness war that secured America`s independence . . . With Musket and Tomahawk is a vivid account of the American and British struggles in the sprawling wilderness region of the northeast during the Revolutionary War. Combining strategic, tactical, and personal detail, this book describes how the patriots of the recently organized Northern Army defeated England`s massive onslaught of 1777, thereby all but ensuring America`s independence. Conceived and launched by top-ranking British military leaders to shatter and suppress the revolting colonies, Britain`s three-pronged thrust was meant to separate New England from the rest of the nascent nation along the line of the Hudson River. Thus divided, both the northern and southern colonies could have been defeated in detail, unable to provide mutual assistance against further attacks. Yet, despite intense [...]

Categories: History, Biography

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