Veiled Desires

Veiled Desires
By Tracy Macnish
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”A lushly written, richly detailed Georgian historical [that] pushes the boundaries of the genre. A delectably intense and edgy tale of passion and peril, revenge and romance.” (Booklist)

Publisher's Description:

Tracy MacNish`s deeply romantic sequel new novel reveals the untapped power of a woman`s heart--and how fiercely she dares to protect it. . . Emeline`s entire life is controlled by men. She`s just been won in a wager by Jeffrey, the Duke of Eton, who keeps her under lock and key. And her cruel stepfather, Simon, wants nothing more than to dominate her entire future. What she wants is a man who`ll set her free . . .   and Rogan Mullen, heir to the dukedom, just may be the answer to her dreams . . . Rogan is more than eager to have Emeline in his care, but his urge to protect her grows into a yearning to possess her--body and soul. Surrendering completely to love, they cannot foresee that something very sinister threatens to destroy them, for Simon will stop at nothing to control his stepdaughter`s fate . . . and only the most fervent passion can endure against such relentless odds . . . [...]

Category: Historical Romance

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