By Nicholas Sansbury Smith
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Total Pages: 1334
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The ENTIRE four book Trackers series in one boxset: Over 1300 Five Star Amazon Reviews and 1500 pages of post-apocalyptic survival fiction and action. ``Carefully plotted, skillfully written, and exquisitely paced...Combines the best elements of the postapocalyptic genre with a gripping suspense.`` (Steve Konkoly, USA Today bestselling author)

Publisher's Description:

Ripped from the headlines, the explosive Trackers saga is a realistic depiction of what an EMP attack and the aftermath might look like from one of the genre`s leading voices, USA Today bestselling author and former Homeland Security Disaster Mitigation Officer, Nicholas Sansbury Smith (Extinction Cycle, Hell Divers, Orbs). The end of the world is just the beginning of the hunt . . . Five days ago North Korea detonated three strategically placed nuclear warheads over the United States, triggering an electromagnetic pulse that crippled the country. A second attack destroyed the nerve center of America in a nuclear blast that flattened the nation`s capital. As the government falls apart in the aftermath, the survivors must decide how far they will go to save the ones they love. In this lawless new world where the most ruthless thrive while innocents suffer; a sheriff, a retired marine, a n[...]

Categories: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Adventure

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