Toils and Snares – Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Toils and Snares - Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
By Robert L. Slater
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Total Pages: 167
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”Immediately engaging [and] strips bare the internal landscapes of wonderfully realized characters... on the path to heroically remaking a world for themselves and their children.” (Sara Stamey, award-winning sci-fi author of The Ariadne Connection)

Publisher's Description:

What if Death Forgot You?Untouched by a global pandemic killing over 95% of the population, Samuel`s family fears a mutated virus and the people who have survived it. Is this apocalypse an act of God? They may escape into the wilderness to find a place of safety as civilization dies around them, but can they escape each other and their pasts?TOILS AND SNARES is a parallelequel to Cygnus award winner ALL IS SILENCE. It starts slightly before chronologically and ends a bit after, but it tells a smaller story with more details about the pandemic the caused Deserted Lands. 2nd edition. Revised and expanded to match new print release: 4 July 2017.

Category: Sci-Fi

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