Tidal Rip (A Jeffrey Fuller Novel)

Tidal Rip (A Jeffrey Fuller Novel)
By Joe Buff
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A realistic and engaging thriller by New York Times bestselling author Joe Buff! ”The Creme de la Creme of Submarine Thrillers.” (14X New York Times bestselling author Stephen Coonts)

Publisher's Description:

An electrifying new voice in military fiction, Joe Buff has written a riveting and utterly realistic submarine adventure. Jeffrey Fuller is going back to war. Commander Fuller has distinguished himself in battle, becoming one of America`s most inspirational heroes in its war with the Berlin-Boer Axis. Time and time again, Fuller has taken his crew of elite submariners into the most dangerous waters in the world, matching wits and weapons with the best of Germany`s and South Africa`s fighting force, and every time he has emerged the victor. But this time, Fuller is given an impossible mission. As the captain of America`s most technologically advanced tactical nuclear submarine, Fuller is told that the Allies will lose the war unless two conditions are met. The only problem: if Fuller devotes his time to achieving one of his goals, he will sacrifice the other. With the war hanging in the b[...]

Categories: Thriller, Action & Adventure

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