Thunder in the Valley

Thunder in the Valley
By Jim R. Woolard
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An exciting western adventure by 2X Spur Award-winning author Jim R. Woolard! ”It took someone with the sizable talent of Jim Woolard to bring the drama of and passion of that early era to the pages of America`s historical novel.” (Terry C. Johnston, bestselling author of Carry the Wind)

Publisher's Description:

Western writer Jim R. Woolard`s classic award-winning debut still rides hard and fires point blank from all barrels . . . Bitter experience has taught Matthan Hannar wound his way upriver, avoiding settlers that wanted to hang him, and Indians seeking fresh scalps. When he spied Zelda Shaw struggling for her life with a Shawnee brave, he could stay hidden no longer. But saving her life meant two people had to be protected from the cold, starvation and those who would kill them both. And Matthan was taking Zelda home, dowMatthan Hannar that to survive the harsh, untamed wilderness of the OhioValley in 1790, , it`s best to avoid all contact with settlers (likely to hang you) and Indians (even more likely to slaughteryou). Success on those fronts means he might not starve, drown, or freeze to death. But while he`s winding his way upriver as stealthily as he can, he stumbles across Zelda Sha[...]

Category: Historical Fiction

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