There is No Return

There is No Return
By Anita Blackmon
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A classic historical whodunit by bestselling, multiple award-winning author Anita Blackmon! ”Grim with an underlying current of humor, well worth your reading time.” (Classic Mysteries)

Publisher's Description:

What do you do if you`re stranded in a remote mountain top hotel with a murderer about? If you`re tough old battle-axe Adelaide Adams you set to solve the murder in any way possible. The ghost of rich heiress Gloria Canby is at large at the Lebeau Inn. She`s spooking the guests and terrorising her relatives. But can a dead woman really be a murderer? Miss Adams doesn`t believe so and sets out to prove that the murderer is very much alive. But will her sleuthing be the death of her? ”Gloriously spooky whodunnit. ” ”Miss Adams is a force to be reckoned with. ” There is No Return is the second Miss Adams mystery. Her first adventure, Murder à la Richelieu is also available.

Categories: Historical Fiction, Mystery

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