The Powers of the Earth (Aristillus Book 1)

The Powers of the Earth (Aristillus Book 1)
By Travis J. I. Corcoran
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Total Pages: 663
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A Prometheus Award winning sci-fi novel by bestselling author Travis J. I. Corcoran! ”Humor, firepower, and dogs! Very L Neil Smith-ish.” (Claire Wolfe)

Publisher's Description:

Earth in 2064 is politically corrupt and in economic decline. The Long Depression has dragged on for 56 years, and the Bureau of Sustainable Research is hard at work making sure that no new technologies disrupt the planned economy. Ten years ago a band of malcontents, dreamers, and libertarian radicals bolted privately-developed anti-gravity drives onto rusty sea-going cargo ships, loaded them to the gills with 20th-century tunnel-boring machines and earthmoving equipment, and set sail - for the Moon. There, they built their retreat. A lunar underground border-town, fit to rival Ayn Rand`s `Galt`s Gulch`, with American capitalists, Mexican hydroponic farmers, and Vietnamese space-suit mechanics - this is the city of Aristillus. There`s a problem, though: the economic decline of Earth under a command-and-control economy is causing trouble for the political powers-that-be in Washington DC [...]

Categories: Sci-Fi, Action & Adventure

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