Book Review: The Novellas by Kealan Patrick Burke

book review the novellas by burke

Kealan Patrick Burke’s “The Novellas” is a collection of four horror stories that represent the height of suspenseful entertainment!

The book kicks off with a mountain camping trip gone bad in “The Tent”—Burke sets the stage for something creepy to happen in the prologue before shifting perspective to a married couple lost in the woods with their thirteen-year-old son, Cody. When Cody goes missing, Mike and Emma have an explosive fight over their crumbling marriage, and the emotional resonance distracts you from what’s going on in the woods—almost. It’s not until they find a sinister, rugged tent in a clearing that the true horror in the woods is unleashed—and that evil is ready to come down from the mountain.

The second story, “You In?” takes Peter Haskins to the Wickwood Inn as a security guard; it’s his last-ditch effort to make his life right after his struggles with gambling addiction. When it turns out he’s not alone in the house, Peter has a choice to make—and it could result in ruin.

“Seldom Seen in August” brings the reader to another house where ghosts appear to walk—and Wade, running from a botched bank robbery, steps into an evil that’s tailor-made for him.

Finally, in a story reminiscent of Stephen King’s “The Dark Half,” a horror writer finds himself suspicious of his wife and envious of another writer’s talent—though it seems lately his words have a life of their own and jump off the page in a murderous way.

Mr. Burke is a Bram Stoker Award Winner, and his talent for crafting truly scary, compelling tales is evident here. Like the best horror writers, this author seems to realize that human weakness and pain is just as scary as supernatural horror, and he uses those traits in his characters to heighten the tension and terror in this stories. Each story is written in a distinct voice, and while the plots complement each other, each tale is unique. These horror stories are fast, memorable, can’t-miss reads for all horror fans! And speaking of can’t-miss, don’t miss amazing discount deals in the genres you love best; subscribe to my daily newsletter for awesome finds!

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