The Mind of Stefan Dürr

The Mind of Stefan Durr
By Alan Joshua
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Total Pages: 265
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An award-winning thriller by bestselling author Alan Joshua! ”Deft dialogue, crisp plotting, and a likable central figure make this multidisciplinary scientific adventure an exuberant and involving read.” (Kirkus Review)

Publisher's Description:

Their brains were larger than ours. They thought in symbols and made and used tools-a million years ago! They bred with modern humans, passing on their genes in modern DNA. But did Neanderthals also endow us with psychic abilities and provide a doorway into other dimensions?SHIVA takes you on an exciting adventure into this possibility- if it is just a possibility. An experiment goes horrifically wrong in a secret Russian laboratory. A black hole vaporizes Podol`sk, leaving a mile-deep crater and snuffing out thousands of lives. Simultaneously, a U. S. shuttle vanishes in orbit and a French astronomer spontaneously bursts into flame. What do these events have in common? The mind of Stefan Dürr, the mysterious subject of the experiment. Beau Walker, a disgraced researcher, is snatched by the government and coerced to join a U. S. /Russian multidisciplinary scientific team, searching for [...]

Categories: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi

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