The Last Trail

The Last Trail
By Zane Grey
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An epic western adventure by bestselling, multiple award-winning author Zane Grey! ”The scenery here is pretty grand, the story solid, the life authentic -- and the characters and situations of greater than other Western creations of this period.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Publisher's Description:

Twilight of a certain summer day, many years ago, shaded softly down over the wild Ohio valley bringing keen anxiety to a traveler on the lonely river trail. He had expected to reach Fort Henry with his party on this night, thus putting a welcome end to the long, rough, hazardous journey through the wilderness; but the swift, on-coming dusk made it imperative to halt. The narrow, forest-skirted trail, difficult to follow in broad daylight, apparently led into gloomy aisles in the woods. His guide had abandoned him that morning, making excuse that his services were no longer needed; his teamster was new to the frontier, and, altogether, the situation caused him much uneasiness. ”I wouldn`t so much mind another night in camp, if the guide had not left us,” he said in a low tone to the teamster. . .

Category: Action & Adventure

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