The End of It

The End of It
By Mitchell Goodman
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By acclaimed author Mitchell Goodman, The End of It is an arresting depiction of one man`s battle through the course of the Second World War. ”Goodman`s style is powerful, sensitive, and incisive. This is an exciting and provocative addition to contemporary, avant garde American literature.” (Kirkus Reviews)

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”a horrifyingly vivid account of an American artillery battalion`s advance through northern Italy in World War II” Robert Mcg. Thomas Jr. , The New York TimesGil Freeman was a normal, young, American man before the events of Pearl Harbor. His life was forever changed when the United States was thrust into the most bloody conflict of the twentieth century. Posted with the American Fifth Army to fight against the forces of Fascist Europe in Italy he quickly grows disillusioned with the realities of modern warfare. When he and his fellow soldiers land in Italy they view the inhabitants of this land as little more than enemies, but in time they ”began to speak of the villagers not as guineas or wops but as these people. ”He entered the war with hope of experiencing brotherhood and excitement, but instead it loss, tragedy and heartbreak that are the emotions that fill Freeman as he mo[...]

Category: Historical Fiction

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