The Bank Robber (A Wilson Young Western Book 1)

The Bank Robber (A Wilson Young Western Book 1)
By Giles Tippette
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Award-winning, critically-acclaimed western storyteller Giles Tippette brings his unique brand of justice and revenge to the Arizona territories . . . ”Like True Grit . . . a small masterpiece . . . brilliantly written.” (Newark News)

Publisher's Description:

A stunning novel of justice and survival by acclaimed western storyteller Giles Tippette.   Wilson Young got his stretch of Texas hardscrabble fair and square. Now a bunch of lowlife carpetbaggers have stolen it from under him. Taking his case to the law taught him one thing: justice was best served by pointing his gun and shooting-until every last miscreant was squashed under the heel of his boot. Now he`s a legend. That`s the easy part. Staying alive is going to take a lot more bullets . . .   ”Like True Grit . . . a small masterpiece . . . brilliantly written. ”-Newark News   ”Spine-jarring, bullet-biting intensity. ”-Houston Post   ”Tough, gutsy, and fascinating. ”-NY Newsday   ”Impressive authenticity. ”-Booklist

Categories: Historical Fiction, Action & Adventure

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