The Aqua Secret (The Aqua Saga Book 1)

The Aqua Secret (The Aqua Saga Book 1)
By L.l. Hunter
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Total Pages: 160
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By bestselling author L.L. Hunter! ”A new dystopia that will make you love the protagonists and their adventure filled with twists and turns. This book has it all--romance, secrets, fear and betrayal!” (YA Reads)

Publisher's Description:

The year is 2042 and the world has been consumed by water. Those who survived the great floods of 2012 clung to the debris of the Old World from which they rebuilt their lives. Pym Maddox thought life was good living on the floating city called Aqua. Harboring secret feelings for her best friend, the smoldering Rush Rodgers, was the least of her problems. Rush is the son of her father`s second in command, a boy whom her father approved of - or so she thought. After her people are moved onto her father`s navy vessel, a motion which is only the start of the torrent of secrets that begin to unravel. Pym`s search for answers lead her and Rush to a secret underwater lab that just might hold the answers to everything. Pym soon discovers that the world she grew up in is not what it seems, and her father may hold the key to unlocking the biggest secret of all - the reason Pym and Rush have a mys[...]

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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