The Absence of Guilt (A. Scott Fenney Book 3)

The Absence of Guilt (A. Scott Fenney Book 3)
By Mark Gimenez
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”One of the writers whose work is most often compared (favourably) with Grisham`s, Mark Gimenez and The Absence of Guilt. This is Gimenez at epic length, but the pages turn with great rapidity.” (The Independent)

Publisher's Description:

An ISIS attack on America is narrowly averted when the FBI uncovers a plot to detonate a weapon of mass destruction in Cowboys Stadium during the Super Bowl. A federal grand jury indicts twenty-four co-conspirators, including the most dangerous man in Dallas, Omar al Mustafa. He is a notorious and charismatic Muslim cleric known for his incendiary anti-American diatribes on YouTube and Fox News. His mosque is a veritable breeding ground for Islamic jihadists. His arrest is greeted with cheers around the world and relief at home. The plot was thwarted, the terrorists are in jail, and the Super Bowl is safe. The president goes on national television and proclaims: "We won!" There is only one problem: there is no evidence against Mustafa. That problem falls to the presiding judge, newly appointed U. S. District Judge A. Scott Fenney. If Mustafa is innocent, Scott must set the most dangerous[...]

Category: Legal Thriller

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