The Abbey (Ash Rashid Book 1)

The Abbey (Ash Rashid Book 1)
By Chris Culver
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Book 1 in the New York Times bestselling police procedural series by Chris Culver! ”A great page turner, perfect for a long flight or a lounger by the pool.” (Felicity Murray, The Reader)

Publisher's Description:

In this New York Times` bestselling novel, former homicide detective Ash Rashid faces the most personal--and deadly--case of his career. After a tragic decision that resulted in a young boy`s death, Detective Ash Rashid wants out. He loves being a cop, but he`s seen enough death for ten lifetimes. In another year, he`ll finish law school and leave his department for good. Until then, his career is on cruise control. Then, his teenage niece`s body is found in a rich man`s guest home. The coroner calls Rachel`s death an accidental overdose, but the case doesn`t add up. Against orders, Ash launches an investigation to find Rachel`s murderer, but the longer he searches, the more entangled he becomes in a case that hits increasingly close to home. If he doesn`t solve the murder fast, his niece won`t be the only family member he has to bury. A breakaway word-of-mouth bestseller, The Abbey has [...]

Category: Police Procedural

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