By Suzanne D. Williams
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A touching and inspirational contemporary love story by bestselling author Suzanne D. Williams! A handsome rockstar, a lot of tattoos, a God who`s bigger than he ever knew...

Publisher's Description:

He flattened his palm to her chest. ”You`re a beautiful, blank canvas, simply waiting for the right design. ”A handsome rockstar, a lot of tattoos, a God who`s bigger than he ever knew. All the money and fame rock drummer Holden Lang possesses cannot fix his broken heart, nor the crippling disaster his body has become. He`s washed up, through playing, and in for a long road to recovery. Charity Caswell`s appearance at the side of his hospital bed is a gift. She`s willing to marry him and take on his care, no feelings involved. Why didn`t she believe God could mend her broken heart?Charity ran from home after her fiance cheated on her, so striking a business deal with Holden is the best way to never hurt again. She`ll pose as his wife and save his reputation. He`ll get the physical help he needs. Except the God she serves has bigger plans for both of them, and a startling pathway to g[...]

Category: Religious Fiction

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