Task Force Blue (Rogue Warrior series Book 4)

Task Force Blue (Rogue Warrior series Book 4)
By Richard Marcinko
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”A gripping hard-boiled thriller bulked up with information on weapons, hardware, and the psychology of the warrior, all of which takes on the authority conferred by Marcinko`s personal experience.” (Booklist)

Publisher's Description:

Richard Marcinko`s #1 New York Times bestselling autobiography, Rogue Warrior, brought SpecWar combat out in the open. But only fiction could to tell the whole, unrestricted, in two more explosive New York Times bestsellers -- Rogue Warrior: Red Cell and Rogue Warrior: Green Team. Now the Rogue Warrior`s back in a raw, authentic novel of relentless action and suspense. When the Rogue Warrior and his elite SEAL team, Task Force Blue, storm a hijacked 727 in Key West, a hostage is killed -- and Marcinko must pay. Facing court-martial and removal from the Navy, his is recuited by the Defense Intelligence Agency to erradicate a secret right-wing terrorist infrastructure. Combating a brutal enemy force, and pursued by the FBI, Marcinko maneuvers through a political, military, and bureaucratic minefield, adhering to the ultimate Commandment of SpecWar -- there are no rules -- win at all cost!

Category: Hardboiled Mystery

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