Review: Unnatural Disasters, an Anthology Daniel Pyle (Editor)

Book Review: Unnatural Disasters, an Anthology: Daniel Pyle (Editor)

Unnatural Disasters is a fun collection of Horror short stories. There are nine tales in this book and all center around a deliciously demented theme: what can (and does!) go horribly wrong when nature turns against man. I won’t give away too much, but here are just a few of…

Review: Apocalypsis Book 1 (Kahayatle) by Elle Casey

Book Review: Apocalypsis: Book 1 (Kahayatle) by Elle Casey

I read alot of books, in particular a lot of Horror books and plagues and the end-of-the-world apocalypse-type stories are some of the best to me. I would imagine that as an author it would be very hard to come up with a new and original story line. Because, really,…

Review: Crossroads by Chandler McGrew

Book Review: Crossroads by Chandler McGrew

I am huge fan of fantasy and suspense so “Crossroads” was a best-of-both-worlds situation for me. This is such a great fantasy suspense story with wonderfully developed setting, plot and characters. The world that McGrew develops (it is called Otherworld) is so realistic and the descriptions of the setting are so…