Strawberry Wine (Zebra Shout)

Strawberry Wine (Zebra Shout)
By Darly Jamison
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A charming contemporary love story by award-winning author Darly Jamison! ”Jamison`s promising debut...will gratify readers looking for rural charm, second chances, and tender cowboys.” (Publishers Weekly)

Publisher's Description:

”Jamison`s promising debut. . . will gratify readers looking for rural charm, second chances, and tender cowboys. ” - Publishers WeeklyHow do you know if a first love is made to last?   Addison Monroe was eighteen when she fell for Jake Grady, a college student working on her family`s farm for the summer. With his sapphire eyes and killer smile, Jake could have had any girl in Lakeside, Georgia. But he wanted Addy, and for those brief, wonderful months-before circumstances drove them irrevocably apart-they belonged to each other.   Ten years later, Addy is engaged to a doctor and working in Atlanta as a physician`s assistant. Life feels full and satisfying. Yet memories of that long-ago summer and wine-flavored kisses are hard to shake. On a return visit to Lakeside, Addy crosses paths with Jake again, and soon finds herself at an unexpected crossroads. So much has changed, and Ad[...]

Category: Contemporary Romance

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