By Zoey Parker
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A sizzling hot MC romance by bestselling author Zoey Parker! ”Hot, dark and steamy with a lot of interesting [and] emotional journey.” (

Publisher's Description:

She thinks she`s an angel. But I`m gonna make her my horny little devil. I`m from the gutter. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But when I decide I want something, no obstacle can stop me. As Abby Woodard`s new bodyguard, her body is literally my responsibility. And I plan on being very. . . hands on. It`s like she`s playing a game:How far can I push him?She should know better. I`m not a man who likes being provoked. But that isn`t stopping her. The back sass, the disobedience. . . It`s all becoming too much. Time to do what I`ve wanted to do since the moment I ended up in this stupid job:Bend the little princess over my knee and spank her until she learns her lesson. What happens after that is. . . complicated. Explosive. Unexpected. And it crosses every damn line in existence. Maybe I shouldn`t have f**ked her. But now that I have, there`s not a man on earth who will keep [...]

Category: Dark Romance

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