Space Team

Space Team
By Barry J. Hutchison
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Total Pages: 284
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A clever, page-turning sci-fi comedy by bestselling, award-winning author Barry J. Hutchison! ”Call off the search - we`ve found the new Terry Pratchett.” (The Independent)

Publisher's Description:

The galaxy just called for help. Unfortunately, the wrong man answered. When small-time conman, Cal Carver, is thrown in jail and forced to share a cell with a semi-naked cannibalistic serial killer, he`s pretty sure his day can`t get any worse. Boy, is he wrong. It isn`t until two-thirds of the human race is wiped out and Cal is mistakenly abducted by aliens that things really start to go downhill. Whisked across the galaxy, Cal is forced into a team of some of the sector`s most notorious villains and scumbags and tasked with delivering a package to a warlord-run solar system where the authorities daren`t venture. The mission should be simple enough, but as one screw-up leads to another the ragtag group of unwitting heroes find themselves in a frantic battle to save an entire alien civilization - and its god - from total annihilation. Featuring epic space battles, hilariously snarky cha[...]

Categories: Sci-Fi, Action & Adventure

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