Space Rogues

Space Rogues
By John Wilker
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If you tried to cross the Buck Rogers TV Show from the early 80`s with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, you`d come close to the rollicking good fun of this classic space opera. ”This was pure Flash Gordon space opera stuff, and the author kept the story moving at a fast pace with characters the reader will love.” (Pulp Den)

Publisher's Description:

Fans of Farscape and Killjoys will love the crew of the Ghost. Wil Calder was an astronaut testing Earth`s first Faster Than Light engine in an experimental space pod when he ended up stranded on the opposite side of the solar system. Even if NASA could come to get him, they didn`t know where to look. But that was years ago. Now, Wil is a lonely intergalactic outlaw and smuggler, looking for a crew, because space is lonely and boring. He`s got a ship, now he needs some friends or at least people to work with, maybe boss around a little. What he isn`t looking for, is a plot that would destabilize the entire Galactic Commonwealth. A scheme he and his new crew aren`t remotely qualified to stop, but who looks at qualifications these days? They can`t just turn their backs on the galaxy, can they?Between epic space battles, a quest for redemption and a daring heist, the crew uncovers a dangero[...]

Category: Sci-Fi

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