Shooting for the Stars

Shooting for the Stars
By R. G. Belsky
(23 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 353
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A fast-paced mystery by bestselling, award-winning author R. G. Belsky! ”Smart, juicy sequel to 2014`s The Kennedy Connection....Belsky keeps this highly satisfying mystery zipping along right up to the final twist.” (Publishers Weekly)

Publisher's Description:

”I read it in two sittings. ” - Sandra Brown, New York Times bestselling author ”Smart, juicy. . . highly satisfying. ” - Publishers Weekly ”Belsky is a tantalizing, devilish, mesmerizing writer. ” - Killer Nashville Following up his ”engrossing journalistic thriller” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) The Kennedy Connection, R. G. Belsky brings back New York City newspaper reporter Gil Malloy in a gripping new mystery about the closed-case murder of a Hollywood actress. Some thirty years ago, movie star Laura Marlowe was shot to death by a crazed fan in New York City, who then killed himself. The police ruled it a murder-suicide, the case was closed, and the beloved starlet faded away into history. But when New York Daily News reporter Gil Malloy re-investigates Marlowe`s death, long-buried secrets emerge and he begins to uncover the trail of a new serial killer. And more [...]

Category: Mystery

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