Shiver (Military Intelligence Section 6 Book 1)

Shiver (Military Intelligence Section 6 Book 1)
By Heather Slade
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A romantic thriller by bestselling author Heather Slade! ”With lots of dramatic action to keep you glued to the pages and the perfect dose of humor, plenty of steam and tons of heart, Shiver is an unforgettable must read.” (Book Addict Reviews)

Publisher's Description:

Make me shiver . . . Thornton ”Shiver” Whittaker, Marquess of Wells and MI6 agent, put his life and that of his colleagues on the line to negotiate Orina ”Losha” Kuznetsov`s freedom from United Russia. But now that the 10 million bounty has been removed from the beautiful but deadly Russian assassin`s head, she not only refuses to come out of hiding, she refuses to have anything to do with him. Shiver has always put MI6 first, even before his family, who, with his father on his deathbed, is insisting he return to England and fulfill his duty as marquess to take over as Duke of Bedfordshire when his father dies. But the woman he loves isn`t in England. He isn`t sure where she is, but he has to find her and convince her to spend her life with him. It isn`t just that Orina Kuznetsov is afraid that United Russia won`t hold up their end of the bargain, there`s another secret Shiver ca[...]

Category: Romantic Suspense

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