Shattered Hearts

Shattered Hearts
By Rich Schiesser
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”Schiesser`s novel soars as high as the Eiffel Tower and then plummets through Atlanta`s gangs to a parent`s worst nightmare. Absolutely un-put-downable.” (Mary Arno, award-winning author of Thanksgiving)

Publisher's Description:

The powerful tale of three very different Atlanta families whose lives intersect and collide in violent and unexpected ways. One is a middle-class family struggling with the challenges of raising two teen-aged sons who are far apart in age, temperament and needs. Another is a law enforcement family with surprising conflicts of its own. The third is a family of bikers ruthlessly focused on growing their drug business to teens, no matter the costs. The intertwining of these very diverse lives is an emotional drama with surprise twists that ultimately renews a reader`s faith in thehuman condition.

Category: Literary

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