Shadow Rider

Shadow Rider
By Jory Sherman
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From Spur Award-winning author Jory Sherman comes the final novel in his acclaimed Shadow Rider series! ”Sherman knows how to make a western gallop.” (Publishers Weekly)

Publisher's Description:

A rebellion is brewing in the New Mexico territories.  Ghost Warrior-a Navajo renegade using the name of a legendary fallen warrior-is stirring up fear and bloodlust. Under orders from President Ulysses S. Grant, Zak Cody-the elusive enforcer they call ”Shadow Rider”-heads into the unknown to confront the killer. When he reaches his destination and discovers that an Indian raiding party has set upon defenseless victims, Cody suspects a snare is being set-and many more people will die if he is unable to avert the slaughter. His only hope is to spring the trap himself. But the Shadow Rider`s death could be the ultimate consequence.  ”Sherman knows how to make a western gallop. ”-Publishers Weekly

Category: Historical Fiction

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