Rafferty`s Rules

Rafferty`s Rules
By W. Glenn Duncan
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Total Pages: 238
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A classic, can`t-miss hardboiled mystery novel by bestselling, Shamus award-winning author W. Glenn Duncan! ”An entertaining, and very highly recommended series.” (Thrilling Detective)

Publisher's Description:

Rafferty`s Rule 23: You show me a man who always fights fair and I`ll show you a man who loses too often. Fifteen years ago, Rafferty saved Vivian Mollison from a crazed junkie who tried to blow her head off. A lot has changed since then. Rafferty`s no longer a cop, and Vivian`s now twenty-five, studying sociology at SMU, with a father who made a fortune in computers. So when Rafferty gets summoned to the Mollison estate and told to chase down the five outlaw bikers who kidnapped Vivian and put her into a drug-induced twilight zone, it`s mixed emotions. The payday will be big, but he`ll have to earn every penny of it. The bikers aren`t likely to come quietly and who knows how many people could get hurt in the crossfire. But behind all that fun and excitement, there`s still a girl who needs his help. Rafferty saved Vivian once. Can he do it again?If you`re a fan of Spenser, Mike Hammer or[...]

Category: Hardboiled Mystery

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