Question of Trust (An Izzy McNeil Novel Book 5)

Question of Trust (An Izzy McNeil Novel Book 5)
By Laura Caldwell
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A twisty legal thriller by bestselling author Laura Caldwell! ”Smart dialogue, captivating images, realistic settings and sexy characters...The pieces of the puzzle come together to reveal the secrets between the sheets that lead Izzy to realize who the killer is.” (

Publisher's Description:

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But what if you can`t tell which is which?When attorney Izzy McNeil`s home is broken into, right after her boyfriend, Theo, moves in, she ignores the coincidence. When Theo is arrested on charges of fraud, she wants to believe he`s innocent. But when a neighbor is found dead, she can`t ignore that something is very, very wrong. Izzy also can`t forget how Theo was inexplicably turned down for a mortgage. Or his recent moody silences. Or how a stranger warned her that Theo needs to "accept responsibility. . . "Thrust into Theo`s case, Izzy must walk the line between attorney and lover to prove that Theo is innocent. But only Izzy can decide whether trusting Theo will keep her safe. . . or throw her into unimaginable danger.

Category: Legal Thriller

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