Prophecy of Three

Prophecy of Three
By Ashley Mcleo
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Total Pages: 260
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A paranormal fantasy with engaging characters, seamlessly woven history and mythology, and heart-pounding moments of action that will keep you turning the page. Perfect for fans of the TV show Charmed and The All Souls Trilogy!

Publisher's Description:

Magic. Family. Irish mythology. And a fight to the death.  Lily is anxious to meet her Irish birth family. As it turns out, the reality is far worse than she ever could have imagined. 
After all, who would want to be one of three witches destined to save humanity from dangerous, otherworldly forces?
Or, depending on who you ask, those foretold to assist the magical race in their world domination. A race guilty of starting countless witch-hunts and committing hundreds of murders in history-all because they were searching for her. 
Lily`s knee-jerk reaction is to run, but once she gets her first taste of magic everything changes. Nothing has ever felt more real or right. She`s hooked. 
Despite the danger, Lily throws herself into her magical education. Each day is a struggle of wits and willpower. Still, she hopes she can master her magic fast enough to hold off the ancient threat[...]

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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