Prime (burners Book 2)

Prime (burners Book 2)
By Bob Mayer
(21 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 260
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”A crackling science thriller in the vein of Crichton that mixes action with science fiction.” (Kirkus Reviews) By New York Times bestselling author Bob Mayer!

Publisher's Description:

From the NY Times Bestselling author who has sold over 4 millions books. After the Chaos, mankind surrendered control to Dealer, a powerful computer that has kept society running for centuries. It helped mankind survive the phage. A virus that devolved human DNA into four groups with different lifespans, ranging from People with no Deathday, to burners with a median Deathday of 25. Except it`s all been a lie. Twins, Grace and Millay were separated on Dealing Day; one a burner, the other a People. They are the Prime, but in order to achieve their fate, they must be together. The Truce between Dealer and cyborgs is over. A new Chaos threatens. And Grace and Millay are the deciding factor. But first, they must figure out: what is the truth?

Category: Technothriller

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