Parlez-Vous Murder? (Stranded in Provence Book 1)

Parlez-Vous Murder? (Stranded in Provence Book 1)
By Susan Kiernan-lewis
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”A genre-bending novel that combines mystery in the south of France with a tale of post-apocalyptic survival...solidly in the tradition of rural, French cozy mysteries.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Publisher's Description:

”My name is Jules Hooker. I have lived through a few crappy moments in my life-and with a name like Hooker, you can just imagine-but nothing, nothing, compares to the two intensely and world-shatteringly crappy things that happened to me this last June. Three, I guess, if you count Gilbert. After my boyfriend dumped me on the day I thought he was going to propose, I`d have to say two other really bad things happened last June. The first would have to be the dead body I discovered in the rental house in France where I went to get over being dumped. The second-and very possibly I should have led with this-was the dirty bomb that exploded over the Riviera throwing me and everyone else in France back to the 1950s. So now I`m stranded here-trying to make a living by solving murders the old fashioned way - without help from DNA, databases, CSI crime labs or the police. And I`m doing it in Fr[...]

Categories: Cozy Mystery, Humor

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