Odium (Dead Saga Book 1)

Odium (Dead Saga Book 1)
By Claire C Riley
(152 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 378
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A post-apocalyptic page-turner by USA Today bestselling author Claire C Riley! ”Odium is a well-balanced horror tale filled with vivid imagery, engaging characters, and heart-racing action. This series quickly made my favorite zombie reads of all time!” (My Book Addiction)

Publisher's Description:

From USA Today Bestselling Author Claire C. Riley comes the first book in the intense post-apocalyptic series, ODIUM. Bringing life, love & survival together for one thrilling read. The infection came. Humanity fell. And the world everyone knew ended. But one woman`s unwavering determination to live, against all the odds, might just be the only thing to survive this bleak new existence. When the fate of a young girl hangs in the balance, Nina sacrifices herself and leaves the barricaded city she`s living in. Despite this act of selflessness, Nina isn`t the same woman she once was. She`s bitter, angry, and she wants nothing more than to disappear. But now she`s reluctantly become both protector and family to the girl she climbed the wall for. The duo set off across the bleak, post-apocalyptic landscape, toward a safe haven that might not exist. While journeying, they meet Mikey-a man on t[...]

Category: Horror

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