By Yudhanjaya Wijeratne
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Total Pages: 300
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Winner of the 2017 Virtual FantasyCon Award! ”Fantastic, detailed world-building and characters with heart bring this story to life. Wijeratne has held up a chillingly realistic mirror on our interconnected society.” (Paul Anlee, author of The Reality Thief)

Publisher's Description:

Described as ”Black Mirror meets the Circle meets 1984” by fans, Numbercaste is an award-winning debut that looks out into an all-too-possible future - a future that`s being built even as you read this. When Patrick Udo is offered a job at NumberCorp, he packs his bags and goesto the Valley. After all, the 2030s are a difficult time, and jobs arerare. Little does he know that he`s joining one of the most ambitiousundertakings of his time or any other. NumberCorp, crunchingthrough vast amounts of social network data, is building a new society - one where everyone`s social circles are examined, their activitiesquantified, and their importance distilled into the all-powerful Number. A society where everything from your home to your education to entry at the local nightclub depends on an app that states exactly how important you are. As NumberCorp rises in power and in influence, theques[...]

Category: Sci-Fi

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