Next to You (Phlox Beauty Series Book 1)

Next to You (Phlox Beauty Series Book 1)
By Julia Gabriel
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Bestselling, award-winning author Julia Gabriel ”does an amazing job of conveying the characters` feelings. The writing style is flawless, and the characters are both multifaceted and dynamic.” (RT Book Reviews Top Pick)

Publisher's Description:

Go behind the scenes at Phlox Beauty, a hot beauty brand where the women are the successful alpha CEOs . . . A scarred and lonely billionaire hiding from his past . . . Jared Connor lost his innocence at the age of ten when his father poured gasoline around the family home and left his two young sons to die in the flames. Now an adult, he`s carefully crafted a pretend life where he can hide his scars and his death row father behind the disguise of a caretaker`s pickup truck and a pair of gardening shears. But when a beautiful woman with scars of her own barges into his quiet, solitary life, Jared finds it increasingly difficult to hide from what he really wants. A successful young businesswoman ill at ease in her newfound beauty . . . Phlox Miller was never the pretty girl and no magic mascara or secret serum was ever going to change that-not even one manufactured by her own company. Whe[...]

Category: Women's Fiction

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