Money Can`t Buy Love (A FourShadough Publishing Title)

Money Can`t Buy Love (A FourShadough Publishing Title)
By June
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Filled with drama, relationship truth, urban love and a whole lot of confusion, anyone currently in a relationship will appreciate this love affair between Charmaine and Victor and realize that Money Can`t Buy Love, even if you`re rich.

Publisher's Description:

One of the happiest times in a young woman`s life is when she is in love and one of the most confusing times in a young man`s life is when he`s in a relationship with that young woman who is in love. Young couples in love often make haste decisions based on their emotions. The woman expects so much from the man and he in turn expects so much from her. It starts to seem as if they don`t understand each other anymore and this only adds to what is already becoming a very tense relationship. Sound familiar? What if you were able to be the fly on the wall and hear what your partner is really thinking and feeling? Well meet Victor and Charmaine, two young people who are in love but experiencing some stressful times in their relationship. The story begins with Charmaine leaving Victor because she is looking for a stronger commitment and he is clueless as to why she left. They both tell their si[...]

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