Lords of Atlantis Boxed Set

Lords of Atlantis Boxed Set
By Starla Night
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Total Pages: 1191
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Boxed set of four paranormal romance reads by USA Today bestselling author Starla Night! ”A unique, refreshing, and different read [with] conflict, action, and a bunch of hot sexy warrior mermen. Oh My!” (Guilty Pleasures Book Review)

Publisher's Description:

Tattooed mer-shifters are climbing out of the secret depths to claim their soul mates and save their race!Mer and human. Human and mer. Like two sides of a drachma, our races were one. Then, disaster. A Great Catastrophe sank ancient Atlantis and plunged us into fiery war. Escaping into the depths, the mer lost their females. They had to forge a covenant with secret, sacred island brides to continue their race. A thousand years passed. Humans forgot. The mer never did. They existed only in our legends. Until now. Take the plunge and dive in to the USA Today bestselling series! Four breathtaking paranormal romances filled with yummy alpha warrior, daring heroines, friendly giant octopi, and lush underwater kingdoms. For a limited time, this set contains the first four novels plus bonus epilogues plus an exclusive deleted scene. Happy reading! ~ Starla NightSEDUCED BY THE SEA LORDDetermine[...]

Category: Paranormal & Sci-Fi Romance

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