Just In Time

Just In Time
By Joan Lindstedt Jackson
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Total Pages: 233
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A critically-acclaimed literary novel by award-winning author Joan Jackson! ”Intimate, sincere, and real . . . The book is a perfect read for anyone interested in the authentic struggles of a family trying to move forward.” (San Francisco Review)

Publisher's Description:

For most of his adult life, the only place he felt at peace was at home in Silver Lake, Ohio with his parents-but after their sudden death, he is left on his own. Eager to help their brother, Steve`s siblings, Scott and Sylvia, who both live in Los Angeles, scramble to find someone reliable to live with Steve. The answer to their problem comes in the form of Sylvia`s sister-in-law, Nancy, who is desperate to find a place to live; within days, she moves in with Steve. This is the story of Steve and Nancy, who, as virtual strangers thrown together out of necessity, forge a way to live in fragile harmony. Sometimes dark, sometimes humorous, Just in Time is a hopeful, firsthand account of the day-to-day roller coaster of life with a schizophrenic.

Category: Literary

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