Interstellar Wars – Pike Chronicles Box Set Books 1-5

Interstellar Wars - Pike Chronicles Box Set Books 1-5
By G.P. Hudson
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Total Pages: 1377
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Books 1-5 of the epic space opera adventure series with space fleet and space marine battles, galactic empires, and alien invasions that`s perfect for fans of John Ringo, David Weber, Jon Scalzi, David Drake, and Joe Haldeman.

Publisher's Description:

”An epic space opera adventure”The 1st 5 hit space operas from The Pike Chronicles. Over 1,300 pages of military science fiction action adventure. Book 1: Sol Shall RiseThe Sol System was conquered and humans lived as slaves for 500 long years. Now, after years of brutal warfare, humanity has been liberated. Liberation, however, comes at a cost, and the Sol System has become nothing more than a puppet state for a vast galactic empire. For Jon Pike, a war hero who has lost everything, there is no substitute for freedom. He blames the aliens for humanity`s troubles, especially the one living inside him. But when he is sent on a top secret mission into unexplored regions of the galaxy he discovers that humanity`s troubles are just getting started. Can he find freedom for himself and humanity?Book 2: PrevailA battle weary Captain fighting for redemption. An impossible search for a scatte[...]

Categories: Sci-Fi, Action & Adventure

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