INTEL 1 Omnibus

INTEL 1 Omnibus
By Erec Stebbins
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A critically-acclaimed thriller series by award-winning author Erec Stebbins! ”A fast-paced international thriller...the twists and turns of plot continue right up to the last emotionally-charged paragraph.” (Midwest Book Review)

Publisher's Description:

"STEBBINS IS THE MASTER OF THE THINKING READER`S TECHNO-THRILLER. " -Internet Review of BooksFour Action Packed Political Thrillers. Three Armageddon Scenarios. Two Unusual Love Stories. One Secretive Intelligence Branch. The INTEL 1 Global Thrillers"A MONSTER NEW TALENT IN THE THRILLER GENRE. "-Allan Leverone, author of Final VectorTHE RAGNAROK CONSPIRACY:"Fortify your shelf of Armageddon thrillers with this promising newcomer. " -Library JournalA Western terrorist organization targets Muslims around the world, and FBI agent John Savas must put aside the loss of his son and work with a man who symbolizes all he has come to hate. Both are drawn into a race against time to stop the plot of an American bin Laden and prevent a global catastrophe. "Outrageously entertaining: epic, explosive, subversive, engaged and compassionate, like a Michael Bay movie written by Aaron Sorkin. " -Chris [...]

Category: Thriller

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