How to Love

How to Love
By Sabrina B. Scales
(30 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 184
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A steamy, emotional heartfelt love story by bestselling author Sabrina B. Scales! ”A rich array of supporting characters, some you love and some you want to smack. A wonderful depiction of how to love someone that`s keep loving them no matter what.” (

Publisher's Description:

Some of life`s greatest lessons are learned by trial and error. Fall enough times, you`ll learn how to walk. Bite your tongue enough times, you`ll learn to speak up. Lose enough times, you`ll learn how to win. Get burnt enough times, you`ll learn how to avoid the flame. But what happens when two tormented souls suffer too many losses? Is it enough for fate to bring them together and let them to do the rest? Or will they find it impossible to learn how to love?

Category: African American

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