Hearts in Harmony (Five Senses series Book 2)

Hearts in Harmony (Five Senses series Book 2)
By Gemma Brocato
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A steamy, emotional contemporary romance by Golden Pen Awards Finalist Gemma Brocato! What starts as a simple affair evolves to something more, something that changes the soundtracks of both their lives. . .the beating of two hearts in harmony.

Publisher's Description:

Five Senses, #2 Sometimes life`s most simple melodies become songs of love. Pippa Sanders` life is filled with songs of leaving, longing and loneliness. Since the death of her husband, her children have been her world. She`ll do anything to protect them, including encasing her heart in ice until they`re college age. She`s made a practice of shying away from any relationship that could break her heart when it ends. And it`s worked so far. Clay Mathers has made a temporary move to Granite Pointe, Massachusetts to help with his mother`s Christmas tree farm while she recovers from a stroke. Although his long-range plans don`t include staying in the small town, a little female companionship during his short residency would be welcome. While on duty as sentry against protestors at a military funeral, he finds Pippa visiting her husband`s grave, and begins a campaign to make her into a friend-w[...]

Category: Contemporary Romance

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