Hail Storme

Hail Storme
By W.l. Ripley
(265 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 304
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An action-packed mystery by critically acclaimed author W.L. Ripley! ”A dry-witted bounty hunter, a pea-brained sheriff`s deputy, Paradise thugs, and various federal agents make for lively, if not unexpected, adventure. An undeniable treat.” (Library Journal)

Publisher's Description:

Vietnam vet and former pro football player Wyatt Storme is bow-hunting in Missouri when he stumbles upon a hidden field of marijuana. . . and is attacked by a vicious dog and shot at by a sniper. He reports violent incident confidentially to the local Sheriff. . . who is murdered the next day. Storme believes there`s a connection and starts asking questions, unraveling a deadly conspiracy of corruption, drug-trafficking and organized crime. . . and making himself someone that just about everybody wants dead. The first novel in W. L. Ripley`s acclaimed Wyatt Storme series. PRAISE FOR ”HAIL STORME””Cadenced prose, an Ozarks setting, a football-star drop-out hero” and a small-town, drug-related plot add up to a most interesting debut. Tough guy Wyatt Storme, with few sleuthlike qualifications other than athletic principle, divides his time between Colorado and Paradise, Missouri. Ha[...]

Category: Mystery

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