HADRON Dark Matter

HADRON Dark Matter
By Stephen Arseneault
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A top-rated sci-fi thriller by bestselling author Stephen Arseneault! [Over 500 four- and five-star reviews on Goodreads] In the event of a collapse, how far would you be willing to push your morals to survive? To feed and shelter your family?

Publisher's Description:

Billions die. Life on Earth is shaken to its core. We can be our own worst enemy. After scientists using the Large Hadron Collider discover dark matter, the world is plunged into chaos. Massive waves of electromagnetic interference take out all grid power and forms of communication the world over. Cities go dark, food and clean-water supplies are quickly used up. Marauders rule the highways. A benevolent species will arrive in their spaceships to rescue the Human race from themselves. Only, are they really so benevolent?This eight book adventure begins as a modern day, Human survival story and then morphs into an all out fight for rule of our section of the Milky Way. If you love reading apocalypse-turned-science-fiction, and reading with your mouth agape, this saga was made for you!Also available from this author:SODIUM SeriesA six-book series that takes Man from his first encounter wit[...]

Categories: Sci-Fi, Action & Adventure

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