Get Real & Stop Dieting!

Get Real & Stop Dieting!
By Brett Blumenthal
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”Offers a refreshing approach to healthy eating as a lifestyle. Whether you`ve been dieting for years or are already on a path to healthy living, Get Real is a fantastic resource that`s relevant for a lifetime.” (Bestselling author Lauren Mackler)

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If you are ready to make a life change for the sake of better health, look no further than this simple, no-frills guide to healthy eating. In the pages of ”Get Real & Stop Dieting!,” fitness instructor and wellness expert Brett Blumenthal cuts through the chaos of fad diets and scientific mumbo jumbo to demystify healthy eating once and for all. After decades of experience in the health and wellness industries, Blumenthal has zeroed in on five simple ”Get Real” principles, nutritional tools founded in cold, hard facts. The principles are accompanied by the ”Get Real” toolkit to make implementing them easy and effective. Plus, Blumenthal provides forty pages of healthy, satisfying recipes-from whole-grain pancakes to rich chocolate clusters-to help readers launch their nutritional makeover. Healthy eating doesn`t have to be complicated. Now, thanks to this easy-to-implement di[...]

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