Double Entry

Double Entry
By Donald N. Sweeney
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Total Pages: 313
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”This legal thriller is a rollicking tale with twists and turns, brimful of sex, an up-down, all around roller-coaster ride with plenty of laughs. Highly recommended.” (Kirkus)

Publisher's Description:

Criminal defense attorney Mike Ratigan reached the pinnacle of success in his early thirties, winning ”Not Guilty” verdicts in several murder and other major felony cases. But Mike leads a risky lifestyle, and his superactive libido led him astray, indirectly resulting in a two-year suspension of his law license. Following this suspension, Mike defends professional burglar Frank Maguire from charges of murder committed during a burglary. Forewarned by instinct, the victim leaves clues to the identity of her killer. But only one of those clues survives the murderer`s removal and destruction of evidence. That sole clue is discovered only by close observation of photographs of the victim`s beloved cat. Mike`s diligence provides the springboard for confrontation with the killer while he is on the witness stand.  Maguire finds it necessary to fund his defense by converting an extremely v[...]

Category: Legal Thriller

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