By Julien Ayotte
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Total Pages: 272
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An ”action-packed, fast-paced and full of suspense” thriller by multiple award-winning author Julien Ayotte! ”A true page turner! A delightfully, entertaining read that mixed the nostalgia of New England with the thrill of an international chase.” (Amazon.com)

Publisher's Description:

WITSEC, the witness protection program run by the U. S. Marshals Service, has been in existence for forty-six years. In all that time, WITSEC has never lost a witness who remained in the program, a total of 8500 witnesses in that time. What if, suddenly, two witnesses were murdered, execution-style, and an attempt was made to assassinate a third witness but barely failed. . . all in a span of two weeks?There is a leak in the U. S. Marshals witness protection unit, or a massive breach in their computer system. Paul O`Malley, the director of WITSEC, must stop the killings before many witnesses lose faith in the program, and seek new sanctuaries on their own. O`Malley, with the keen help of a long-time ally and friend, retired FBI agent Harry Esten, team up to identify the leak and stop further killings. Esten`s years of investigations significantly contribute to unfolding the assassin and [...]

Categories: Suspense, Thriller

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