Debt of Fear

Debt of Fear
By Michael Reid Jr
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Total Pages: 310
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”A fantastic military thriller... [that] brings you into the action from page one and rarely lets up. Love military action, an exciting conclusion and a protagonist and antagonist you can`t help but love? GET IN!” (WTRG Reviews)

Publisher's Description:

Sins of the Father, the award nominated follow up to Debt of Fear, is available now! Duty outweighs fear as Logan Falcone, a retired Marine, is secretly asked to hunt down a terror cell in the U. S. However, what he finds is much more terrifying than anything he`s fought through before. This fast-paced thriller will pull you into the story with vivid descriptions allowing you to experience the emotions of war and terror first hand. Each heart-stopping moment allows a glimpse inside the mind of a terrorist, Amir, as he descends from Army hero to traitor, revealing how we`re all guided by emotions. Logan Falcone had finally stopped reliving the events in Iraq when a phone call from Samantha forced him to leave his detached reality. A terrorist attack in Paris hinted at American involvement and she feared a cover-up. A second attack, this time in Chicago, starts to open a [...]

Categories: Thriller, Action & Adventure

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