Dead On My Feet – A Thriller (Phineas Troutt Mysteries Book 1)

Dead On My Feet - A Thriller (Phineas Troutt Mysteries Book 1)
By J.a. Konrath
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Total Pages: 250
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J.A. Konrath writes ”engaging characters, true guffaws and tightly knit subplots.” ”violent thrills peppered with hilarious one-liners. (Publishers Weekly) A gritty, hardboiled mystery by bestselling, award-winning author J.A. Konrath!

Publisher's Description:

His name is Phineas Troutt. He`s a problem solver. If a woman is being stalked by her ex-husband, Phin can convince him to stop. If a union is being squeezed, Phin can squeeze the squeezer. He`s not a mercenary. He`s not a bodyguard. He`s not a private eye. He`s a guy who takes cash for solving problems with violence. When a doctor at a suburban women`s health clinic is being harassed, she hires Phin to make it stop. But the situation proves to be larger, and more dangerous, than even he can handle on his own. So he calls in some friends to help out; a P. I. named Harry McGlade and a female cop named Jack Daniels. . . DEAD ON MY FEET by JA KonrathSet in 2007, Konrath turns up the noir and gives leading man status to his favorite tough guy. Phin has appeared in the bestselling novels WHISKEY SOUR, RUSTY NAIL, SHAKEN, RUM RUNNER, LAST CALL, and many others, but now he`s finally the main ch[...]

Category: Hardboiled Mystery

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