Dead in the Water (Scarlet Cove Seaside Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Dead in the Water (Scarlet Cove Seaside Cozy Mystery Book 1)
By Agatha Frost
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Total Pages: 245
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A light, cozy mystery read with an art loving, craft store owning, retired female detective, in a small fishing town on the British South Coast. ”A fun cozy with a delightful hero! I hope to be reading many more of her adventures in this quirky little town.” (

Publisher's Description:

The FIRST book in a BRAND NEW seaside cozy mystery series!When Liz Jones retired as a detective at the age of forty-two and moved to the beautiful fishing town of Scarlet Cove to pursue her passion of opening an arts and crafts store, she did not expect the murder and lies of the big city to follow her. Only days after starting her new life, Liz finds herself tangled in a web of death and deception when she pulls the body of a fisherman from the sea, but what appears at first to be a drunken accident soon reveals itself to be something much worse: poison!While setting up her new store, getting to know the quirky townsfolk, and having the local men battle for her affection, Liz cannot resist the lure of an intriguing murder case. She falls back into old habits when she vows to discover the truth about the fisherman`s death, but will she do it before the murderer strikes again? With her re[...]

Category: Cozy Mystery

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